Making the decision to build a custom home is just the first decision of many you’ll make as you proceed with your building plans. The next decision is determining who will build it for you. There are several things to consider when selecting a custom home builder. After all who you select is as much of an investment as the home itself.



One of the first things to determine is how long has the custom home builder been in business. Longevity means several things. They have a commitment to their homeowners and the building industry. They are financially viable and their reputation speaks for their quality craftsmanship and competitive pricing. Another consideration is their professional affiliations such as being a member of the local Builder’s Association. What certifications do they hold? Do they specialize in a particular building method such as green building or universal design? Being a local builder in the area you plan on building in is an important factor as well. Being local gives them the advantage of navigating the building process much smoother than a builder from outside the region.


You’ll need to select a custom home builder you feel comfortable with. Someone who can answer your questions and help you make decisions along the way. Make sure they can handle the entire process from site preparation, permits, financing referrals, floor plan design, construction, interior finishes and product selection. Also, consider your timeline and how it fits in with your custom home builder’s schedule. If you’ll be out of the area throughout most of the building process in what ways will they communicate with you?



What is the custom home builder's building experience? What does their portfolio exist of? Does the builder have a strong background in design? Excellent customer references and viewing their work will help answer these questions. If you already have a floor plan in mind for your new home you’ll need to make sure the custom home builder has experience constructing the type of home you desire in the price range and style you want. If you don’t have a floor plan drawn up yet ask if they are a design-build company. They may have a designer on their team that can design your dream home saving you time and money.


The common practice for most custom home builders is to offer homeowners a 1 year warranty from the time your home is complete. In some instances a limited extended warranty may be offered or available to purchase. Determine how the builder services warranty items. Is there a comprehensive warranty plan and a procedure to handle warranty request. The service you receive after you move in is just as important as the service you receive during the constructing of your new home. Choose a custom home builder that has a plan and follows through


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